Make a booking at our workshop

Make a booking at our workshop

  • $250.00

Our standard service includes:

  • Remove all wheels and hubs
  • Inspect bearings. Clean and re-pack bearings. Fit new seals
  • Check and adjust brakes incl brake-away system (where applicable)
  • Check and test all lights and connections
  • Check and lubricate suspension (where applicable)
  • Check couplings and safety chains
  • Check chassis for cracks and defects
  • Check tyre pressures and tyre condition
  • Check operation of jockey wheel and lubricate (where applicable)

    Ford S/L or Holden LM bearings are replaced as part of the service. We use high quality KOYO bearings. 

    (Pricing could vary if your Trailer, Caravan or Camper Trailer has other bearing profiles)