ATM Suspension Upgrades Caravans, Campers and Trailer

  • $350.00

Is your Caravan or Camper Trailer ATM correct?

A majority of Caravans and Camper Trailers are being towed illegally without the operator even knowing they are overloaded.

Don't run the risk of being possibly fined or having no insurance cover... Get your Caravan or Camper trailer weighed to make sure you're not overloaded.

We always suggest getting your Caravan or Camper trailer weighed before looking to upgrade. Make sure the water tanks are full and if you usually carry extra batteries, solar panels etc, ensure they are attached or inside your van.

Once your know your weight allow for food and clothing, then you can check your vin plate for all the details to see how much over or under the ATM you are. If you're over,  just give us a call and we'll try and help you.