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Trailers and Spares service, repair and modify any type of boat trailer.

Tow confidently With our Forty-One Point Service Checklist For Boat trailers

You'll feel safe and sound knowing we use only high quality parts from recognised brands, all installed by  experienced, licensed and insured professionals

We offer many designs including off-road and on-road trailers.

Trailers and Spares are Brisbane's Trailer Service and Repair specialist for all caravans, campers, boat trailers and trailers. 

Your Boat Trailer Service Includes All This

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Bearings And Hubs

We can service all types of bearings and hubs In our workshop or on site at your premises and includes:
Remove all hubs (2, 4 or 6)
Remove all bearings and seals
Clean and inspect all bearings for wear
Visual inspection of axle (e.g. machined area)
Replace all bearings (if required)
Supply and fit all new seals
Repack all bearings with high quality, high temperate wheel bearing grease
Reassemble all hubs with new split pin and new dust cap
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Trailers and Spares service, repair and modify bearings and hubs on any type of trailer.
Trailers and Spares service, repair and modify brakes and components on any type of trailer.

Brakes And Components

Is your camper trailer is equipped with electrical, mechanical or hydraulic brakes?  No problem, we can service all these in our workshop or on site at your premises and includes:
Check and inspect braking system operation
Adjust brake-to-shoe drum clearance (if required)
Check and adjust handbrake (if required)
Check brake magnet operation (electrical brakes only)
Check brake springs and levers (mechanical and electrical only)
Check brake caliper pins, slides and dust boots (hydraulic only)
Check brake caliper pistons and seals (hydraulic only)
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Lights And Electrical

Lights and electrical can be serviced in our workshop or on site at your premises and includes: 
Inspect and check all lights are operating correctly
Inspect and check condition of light plugs
Inspect and check condition of bulbs and contacts
Inspect and check condition of LED lights
Inspect and check condition of wiring
Ensure light mountings are secure, adjust (if required)
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Trailers and Spares - Service - Lights and Electrical
Trailers and Spares service, repair and modify wheels and rims on any type of trailer.

Rims And Tyres

We can check the condition of rims and tyres at your premises, but if they need replacing it needs to be done at our workshop. We check these points for you whether you have 2, 4 or 6 tyres:
Check the condition of all tyres (e.g. cracks and splits)
Check the manufacturer's date of all tyres
Check the air pressure of all tyres
Check all tyre's tread for depth and wear
Check the condition of all rims (e.g. warps, cracks, rust)
Check the condition of all wheel nuts and tension
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Neville Biddle
31 May, 2023

Top job done , great service

Matthew Bierton
18 May, 2023
Kevin Jarvis
29 March, 2023

Dave runs a great shop. Service is great, they're really good at what they do, reasonably priced, Dave's so helpful. Would definitely recommend this place.

Xavier Knight
7 March, 2023

Excellent customer service and super friendly staff.

Mark Wilton
22 February, 2023

Just had a drawbar extension on the jawa hybrid. Very happy with the result. Terrific service, quality work at a reasonable price.

Leon Eadie
11 January, 2023

Had my new Modcon hybrid camper van serviced here, fantastic service and advice, I will be back yearly for my services, thanks.

Faz Fazio
18 November, 2022

Can’t rate my experience at Trailers and Spares highly enough! Dave was an absolute lifesaver and went above and beyond in the service he provided; and all for an extremely reasonable price! Thanks again Dave, I really appreciate your help and advice!

Geoff 'Taz' Williams
23 August, 2022

great service friendly people and always willing to help cant recommend these guys enough they are efficient and Keen to help

Nkuliey Vhuma Sbulao
2 April, 2022

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Peter Hurley
14 January, 2022

Highly recommended! Dave was recommended to me by my regular car service mechanic when I needed work done to my camper trailer, and I wasn’t disappointed. The service is excellent, right from the first inquiry to the moment you arrive with your trailer through to collection. You can get a good feel for the quality of work that you will get by seeing how tidy the staff keep the workplace. I was impressed while waiting to settle my account to see the way the workshop people were keeping the work area clean and tidy. I was very happy with the work done to my trailer. If you need work done on your trailer contact Dave at Trailers and Spares.

Ian Brill
2 December, 2021

Great service. Did what they said they would and on budget. Good communication

Jon Miles
19 October, 2021

Awesome service and all repairs explained in detail. Do yourself a favor and go see dave and the team.

Rob Harvatt
15 October, 2021

Dave and his team did an amazing job on making my trailer safe and sound, the work is neat and clean, the staff are friendly, work is awesome. well done

Steven Seychell
12 October, 2021

Thanks to the team at Trailers and Spares for helping me out with a custom build to my 4x4. Highly recommend Trailers and Spares for anything that little bit different they were a pleasure to work with.

Greg Carr
26 July, 2021

Reffered by a family member - Dave was excellent. Super value and top bloke!! Would recommend to anyone I like 😉. Do urself a favour and book in here!!!

Matt Trau
7 June, 2021

Dave and team are truly AWESOME! I had a v complicated modification with my Jayco Hawk to accommodate a bike rack and move a wheel. Quote from Dave: “We do magic”. Left the van & total magic was done. We couldn’t be happier. Dave and team actually work through complicated problems with you, as well as offering innovative solutions & then performing all of the cutting & welding required. I don’t think anyone else in Brissie could have done this. Thanks again guys!

Matt Gill
28 May, 2021

Outstanding Workmanship and Great service. Dave and the team built us a beautiful custom trailer this year for our SharkCat. Came in on time and on budget. We've taken this up and down the coast now and it performs perfectly. Cant beat the service. Highly recommended.

I bought a custom tandem car trailer in December 2020 from Trailers and Spares Tingalpa, Brisbane. It's been in regular use (to the extreme at times) for 6 months and I must say it's been faultless. It's very stable fully loaded on the road even at 110k's. I rarely bother leaving any internet comments but it's so well deserved for Dave and staff. They made a top quality, tough trailer for a very VERY fair price & it's designed to last, I love the grease-able tilt pivots, they won't wear out. Really HAPPY customer here. If you need a new trailer this IS the place to go. Thanks, Mark.

George Hannah
10 May, 2021

Highly Recommend. Very professional, friendly and affordable. Overall great experience.

Vince Fagan
20 April, 2021

Great people

Bryan Schulz
8 April, 2021
shane woodgate
6 April, 2021

always good service

Ben Luscombe
30 March, 2021

Amazing work standard. Great advice and didn't try to over sell. I would highly recommend

Shane West
11 February, 2021

All your trailer needs

Malcolm McPhee
19 December, 2020
Piers Doorey-Hampson
7 December, 2020

Great job for a really fair price. Amazing service that went above and beyond. Would highly recommend David and his team.

Adam Patryarcha
2 March, 2020

They arranged an ATM upgrade for the camper, replaced springs and brakes. fantastic service and workmanship. Offered a brake check up and adjust prior to going on a big trip. happy customer!

Grant Daniels
10 February, 2020

Great services good knowledge

Paulie Fitzgerald
11 October, 2019

i just want to say thankyou to trailers and spares for building my trailer for the generator, so easy to tow and doesnt bounce around on the road. quality craftsmanship on the trailer, i was blown away with the high quality and time frame trailer was built. Worth every cent cant go wrong australian made over import.

Wendy Muir
18 September, 2019

Best customer service I've experienced in quite a while! Thank you Dave & team.

Chris Evans
12 November, 2018

Because they are very helpful

Guy Loane
23 October, 2018

Top quality service

Jessica Ndenda
2 October, 2018

Incredibly helpful staff!

Suspension And Chassis

The suspension and chassis service can be completed in our workshop or at your premises, whichever you prefer. This service includes the following:
Inspect the suspension for wear
Check all spring eye pins and bushes for wear
Lubricate spring eye pins and bushes (if required)
Check all U-bolts for tension
Check all suspension mounting points (e.g. cracks, wear)
Check chassis for cracks
Inspect and lubricate corner jacks (if fitted)
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Trailers and Spares service, repair and modify suspension and chassis on any type of trailer.
Trailers and Spares service, repair and modify jockey wheels on any type of trailer.

Jockey Wheels And Safety

The jockey wheel and safety service can be completed in our workshop or at your premises, whichever you prefer. This service includes the following:
Check operation of jockey wheel
Check locking mechanism
Inspect condition of jockey wheel handle
inspect safety chain for correct rating and condition
inspect safety chain mounting location (e.g. welds)
Inspect D-shackle for correct rating and condition
Check coupling operation and mountings
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Workmanship Guarantee

We are so confident of our service that we offer you a 60 day guarantee on all our workmanship.
(Any spare parts provided as part of your work are subject to the manufacturer’s standard warranty and guarantee.)
If there is any workmanship completed on your trailer that is unsatisfactory, we will fix it for no charge – no questions asked.

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